Discover a level of terror you never knew existed.

Connell Nisbet is setting a new standard for crime writing.

A Willing Executioner

Danish Detective Birgitte Vestergaard is sent to Sydney, Australia to assist in the search for a high-profile missing Dane. When his remains are found in a dry creek bed south of Alice Springs, locals suspect he could be the hapless victim of wild animals. Birgitte is certain it is the work of something far more sinister.

Birgitte’s intuition and tenacity draw her into the ethically murky world of international corporate mining, and headlong into the path of this willing executioner. By the time she learns the truth about the killings, her own life is in immediate danger.

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The Ember Room

While visiting Hong Kong, Danish detective Birgitte Vestergaard is drawn into a deadly game of manipulation in which children’s lives are held in the balance. She has no choice but to immerse herself in the sordid world of her tormentor.

Nothing can prepare her for the horrors she discovers – cruelty that spans the globe and tears her world apart.

The closer she gets to the truth, the more she learns about her own father’s dark past.

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Lying Among Ferns

Henry and Catherine meet in a remote national park to escape the loneliness of their indvidual lives. Together they explore an exhilarating new world that enlivens their senses, reminding them of who they once were. But just as quickly, their new-found freedom threatens to cast them adrift from everything they’ve known.

This short story is a literary departure from Connell Nisbet’s crime novels.

Available as an ebook at Amazon and Smashwords.

“[A Willing Executioner is] an ambitious and unsettling work containing a couple of the most uniquely gruesome murders you’ll encounter in fiction this year.”

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Connell Nisbet is the author of A Willing Executioner and The Ember Room. After 15 years of writing and copy editing for leading lifestyle magazines, he turned his hand to crime fiction.

You can follow him on Facebook and Instagram or contact him directly at connellnisbet@gmail.com.